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. L'appart .

Bangkok . Thailand


A clever concept combining a “Parisian apartment” feel with a French menu, dining at L’Appart is meant to feel like attending a dinner party at the home of a very chic, wealthy friend, the nephew of a traveler collecting decoration from all over the world..  . ... this is the design brief for the Sofitel Sukhumvit roof-top restaurant in Bangkok.

Much has been written about this unusual concept but our experience was stunning to set-up this atmosphere and source all the charming pieces composing the interior design.

L’Appart grand fireplaces, parquet floors and cosy ambience oozes the feel of a stylish Baron Haussmann Parisian apartment. Either in the Library, the Living Room or even the toilets, the private room and the kitchen, all the elements have been sourced by our team in such an energizing sentiment.

. Commissioning .

l'apprt commi

. Installation supervision & staging .

l'appart staging
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