meet us

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

toineinbangkok studio is a small atelier based in Bangkok with a passionate team, happy to participate to many areas of scope in one whole philosophy : working with a timeless and ageless spirit filled with exuberance, being of all ages, inspired and inspiring, balancing historical references and modernity..

We like to come every morning at the studio with the same mood, feeling curious, energized and eager to seize the day. Constantly in researches, expanding general knowledge and develop expertise are roots of good confidence and creativity. We don’t stop until we are proud, and inspiration comes sometimes from a conflict of ideas, pocket times to set back, or customers constrains, lack of budget.. imagination has no limit.

As usual, I intended to do many things.. then I took a book.

It doesn't have much to see with design, but we love this motto which makes you eager to do it..

our story

toineinbangkok was born in 2008, first with our shop of art and design objects. 
In 2012 we opened the studio for which we carry out several missions for hotels and restaurants, from a light touch to a complete renovation of the place. Many clients have trusted us since then, whether you are a large Hospitality group or a small owner we will be delighted to take part in the project. 

our lovely team