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"The Sense of Singular Attractiveness"

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mars 2023

Why redecorating and tailoring your hotel will definitely improve your business and carry a seductive impression.

Decorating your home and space can bring an immense amount of joy and satisfaction and is an important part of life; this should be the same for a hotel. A beautiful decoration creates an inviting atmosphere, reflects the personality and DNA of the brand, and makes the place feel like a shelter - a welcoming den to enjoy after a long day. Decorating your home can make it a place of comfort and relaxation, and the same goes for a hotel. It should have a positive influence on the mood of customers and all team members working there.

The beauty appeals to the eye and seduces; the power of seduction is well established. It will seduce your customers, your collaborators... A jam-packed bookshelf topped by an equally colorful artwork, splashes of colors displayed as accents to punctuate your path, bespoke curvy furniture, lovely customized local handicrafts, or simply a serene sofa in stunning fabric and sophisticated details... so many ways to attract and seduce.

This allure and charm, together with good management of space, light, and circulation, also means improving business, bringing more customers to a hotel or restaurant, and increasing profitability.

Novotel Suites at Yongsan Complex Seoul Korea – Mercure Singapore Bugis – Mercure Makkasan Bangkok – Styling,

Art & Accessories by Toineinbangkok (sourcing, development, and production, commissioning, staging)

Adding soul and comfort to the place

Whether you choose to use bold colors, timeless pieces, or a combination of both, the result can be a space that not only looks beautiful but also feels safe and comforting to everyone. Adding pieces that reflect style, personality, and authenticity will make the place unique with a singular and talk-of-the-town feel.

Having access to a well-decorated and comfortable area provides guests with a real sense of peace and security, in addition to a sense of confidence and reward. Studies have shown that a well-decorated space can help to increase happiness and reduce stress.

Surrounding yourself with pieces that bring you joy helps to create an atmosphere that is both calming and energizing. Decorating the space with pieces that have positive memories or associations attached to them carries a sense of nostalgia in a very positive manner - a boost in morale. In short, customers will feel relaxed and want to stay longer, come back, and enjoy a drink.

Sofitel Sentosa Singapore – Interior Design by Toineinbangkok and MAX Studio –

Art & Accessories procurement by Toineinbangkok

Creating a homey feeling or playing it completely different - no rules apply

A beautiful decoration can also help make the place feel like a home, making it your own or giving customers the desire to do the same at their place, extrapolating some ideas for their own. But it can also be a playground to create really different ambiances - something whimsical, poetic, wild, bold, with pieces that catch the attention. No rules apply; design is subjective... Do as you like as long as it makes you happy! Let the imagination do its job and go with it!

As having a beautiful decoration in your home is an important part of life, having the same in a place where you spend your vacation is definitely a boost for happiness, serenity, harmony, and well-being. Creating some sophistication (but never intimidating), or accents of surprise, or charm will always be the key to inviting atmospheres. A lovely guestroom, or bar or meeting-room, together with an amazing service will be the keys to keep the customers in the hotel, and want them to come back.

Kimpton Samui – Art & Accessories

by toineinbangkok (sourcing, development and production, commissioning, staging)

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