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our missions

interior design

We can help you push the walls...

From ground floor to ceiling, through partition wall (not literraly we are not ghosts) we help you playing with your space, its light, its volume and specificity ; to add colours, effects, furnitures, equipments, objects... According to your personality or a genuine story you would like to tell...

Each project step is clear and defined, always in relationship and with the agreement of the client : brief, mood boards, concept development, design development, blueprint elaboration, follow-up and coordination with other consultants or suppliers (lighting, technic, landscape garderner...) and then follow-up on site. 


We can work on all types of the space or size from the little restaurant to the huge hospitality resort.


Do you remember Mary Poppins ?

She’s our best partner... 

Everything is turning to something different and beautiful... well this is quite what styling is about…. Just ask for it !

We visit the venue and receive your brief. We present photoshop edited views of your space in order to visualize the before-after difference, we present material boards and furnitures proposal. In two words : another atmosphere.


Once you give us your agreement we take care of on site follow-up. This cosmetic change gives a second life to the space.

art consultancy

Selecting art pieces for your brief, through emotion and a bit of crush...

But when it comes to create the whole story of a venue, a detailed cultural and poetric canvas must be painted.

Our task is to tell this story, to create a common thread to let your venue being genuine, unique and surprising. It's on us to discover the artists and their pieces which will sublimate and distinguish this atmosphere.


Our task is actually not finished, each art piece is presented in details and placed on a blueprint.

If needed, we can even ensure transportation and settlement on site... with a lifting crane if we have to !

sourcing - supply art & props

Fishing up or developing the rare gem ? Sure...

We love to seek deeply in order to find the rare bird. Our passion is to discover unknown artists, singuliar objects, talented designers and to offer them a matching location in order to create a perfect chemistry.

To do so, we visit artists workshops, art galeries, design or decoration shops, antique dealers.... We are up-to-date to local and international artists actuality.


Our research make us sail towards wonderful countries in Asia and Europe. Taking your story and your venue as a starting point, we propose objects that add those important details artefacts and essential hints.

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