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Find here the behind the scene of our projects, if you are curious to know how we work and the processes of creation, take a look at these pictures.. Lot of time to brainstorm, create, sketch, paint, adjust, clay in hand, source, modify, twist, and add all singular and unique touches..

The service residence combines the traditional style of the country with the modernity of the Salcedo district. The graphic designs and products developed for the place are inspired by the fireworks to give that special spark and remind the spirit of festivity of the Filipinos.

The French restaurant is modern but still has a trendy and casual atmosphere. The ambience is warm and welcoming.

The luxurious hotel has a classy style with some bright and original touches conferring the place its character.

The added pieces from toineinbangkok have been tailored to add unique touches : discover by each lift lobby the over scaled plates of 1,3 meters hanged by the walls, all hand painted with beautiful floral graphics, inspired by the botanical gardens of Singapore.. Something uniquely Singaporean – the Vanda Miss Joaquim - has been interpreted and painted in different ways on these plates.

By the bathrooms, a little character is seating desperately on its artwork frame, after having letting drop his painting bucket..

Located in a popular area of Singapore, the hotel combines creative graphic designs inspired by the city-state and Switzerland, in a sober and chic atmosphere. Discover the fusion between these two cultures and landscapes, in the artworks displayed by the rooms and the corridors…

Located in a bustling area of Singapore, the hotel draws its inspiration directly from this and the multi cultural roots of Singapore. Its vibrant and colorful world represents the heritage and vivacious vibes of the neighborhood. All the graphic arts developed or the sourced and commissioned pieces are evoking genuinely the patterns of Peranakan and mix cultures..

Spot the exclusive accents such as angled frames by the guestrooms corridors, handmade crafts and sculptures, stunning photographs taken around.. the place is setting up a beautiful display here for local and Asian artists..

Few brushes and design movements on the renowned and successful Gigi Italian restaurant in the heart of Bangkok! Filling with quirky art and artefacts pieces for a bespoke atmosphere full of personality, crafting decoration creating accents of surprise and pockets of home feeling, happiness is the path...

3 works commissioned from the artist VAL. The 3 sculptures with impressive dimensions represent balance, finesse and the art of thinking and reflecting. They are sober and elegant, perfectly meeting the expectations of the clients of the place. 

Creating an atmosphere that resembles the company is essential to create a mood for the team. We have transcribed Accor's values through decoration and graphic design; innovation, passion, hospitality, respect...

The first-ever lifestyle hotel-plex in South Korea, featuring four Accor Hotels brands of different positioning and inspirations… More than 15,000 pieces were conveyed to the place from Thailand, most tailored by studio toineinbangkok, with artists from Asia and all over the world..

At Sofitel Singapore in Sentosa, the famous Paris’ lush green parc Jardin du Luxembourg is the cultural link, together with the Sentosa urban oasis and the botanical gardens of Singapore.

You can taste the elegance and charm of France in this outstanding location, the flair of all accents of “savoir-faire” and “Cousu main”. It’s an artfully blend of French origins with the very best of local cultures.

A copious number of art pieces have been displayed to show beautifully this personalized elegance : a carp swims into one side of a lamp and out the other; the carpets bloom with multi-coloured flowers; idyllic photographs of ladies relaxing in a park line the walls… playful decorative elements throughout the property are reminding guests that life should be fun, and magnificent.

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